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Coaching for Small Business Owners

Shaping the business you want takes time and hard graft! Some ideas stick, others don’t. So how can coaching help?

Creating a small business is the ultimate dream for many! Being your own boss and running things the way that you envision can feel like a gift. But it doesn’t happen overnight and with a whole lot of learning along the way. This is something I know only too well, having pitched my services as a freelancer most of my life, been part of a small business partnership and more recently turned my hand to starting up my own small businesses.

My first venture didn’t exactly go to plan. I set up an Etsy store, wide eyed and excited, selling creatively themed chocolate gift boxes. I jumped into researching the competition, developing my products, creating marketing strategies and executing social media plans. I felt so excited when launching, which was the culmination of a whole lot of hard work. Then some sales came in - people wanted to gift my products! Yet as time went on, I realised my heart wasn’t fully in it. I knew I wanted my own business, but I wasn’t tapping into the values at my core. After some soul searching, a return to the drawing board and an investment in my own personal development, I discovered my calling as a Coach. Now here I am with my own small business, which allows me to support others dream big and explore where they want to go with their own businesses!

Being a small business owner is a rollercoaster of a journey. It can be empowering and exciting, as well as a means to express who you are through what you do. It can also feel overwhelming. There’s the logistical basics: where do you start? How do you grow? And there’s also the emotional battle: am I good enough to do this? How will I cope if things don’t go to plan?

Whether you’re just starting out with the seeds of an idea, have got to a point of feeling stuck, or are fully established and riding a wave of success, coaching may be what you’ve been looking for. Running a small business can be lonely at times and having a space to explore who you are and what you want can be hugely valuable.

In coaching, we will work on finding out what is important to you as a person and how you breathe into living these discoveries in all you do. Co-Active Coaching takes a holistic approach, viewing you as a whole person, with tools to help you show up in authentic ways that best service you. We will explore your own personal blockers and your inner resources, to help find your confidence in taking your next steps, even when it feels scary.

By finding out what it is to ‘be’ and ‘do’ things in the way that fulfils you, we will work in partnership to help you discover what’s next. Co-Active Coaching is a creative process, so hopefully you’ll also have fun along the way!