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Okay… but what is coaching?

Coaching is a space for you to explore who you are and why you are, to think through perspectives and empower you to make choices towards living the life you want. Co-Active coaching focuses on you as a whole person - with the belief that by understanding your underpinning values, you can make more resonant choices to live a happier life.

You will bring a topic you want to explore to each session, and we will look more deeply at how you’re feeling about it, what’s important for you and what are the most resonant steps for you to take. It is not the job of the Coach to give you answers, but to be curious and ask questions, helping you to find and make choices that are right for you. Coaching differs from counselling or therapy, as it is present and future-oriented, rather than past focussing. This creates a supportive partnership, where you are empowered to make change.

Things you can expect from coaching:

  • Setting goals for the future

  • Exploring your values and how to live them

  • Finding out what’s important to you

  • Finding and utilising your inner resources

  • Challenging thinking and perspectives

  • Visualisations and creativity to unlock thinking

  • Exploring choice

  • Making commitments to actions to drive you towards your goals

What can coaching help with?

Coaching can have major benefits to the way clients view and shape their lives. This can include:

  • Building self-confidence and self-worth

  • Understanding thought patterns

  • Recognising self-limiting beliefs

  • Realising what matters

  • Calling upon inner resources

  • Diving into the unknown

  • Making changes in life

  • Building better relationships

  • Being creative

  • Building positive habits

  • Committing to and taking action

A few other questions…

Isn’t coaching just like counselling or therapy?

Whilst emotions are explored within coaching, it is not past focussed and does not focus on trauma or psychology. Instead, coaching focuses on the present, and your thinking for the future.

Do coaches give advice?

It is not the job of the coach to give you answers. Every person is unique and are best place to make their own decisions. Instead, coaching asks powerful questions and provides the opportunity for you to explore your thinking deeper in order to be better placed to make choices.

Do coaches guarantee results?

A coach cannot tell you that you will reach particular goals. They also aren’t there to force you to take ‘action’. Instead, they help you to consider what you want and how you might want to go about it.

How do sessions take place?

Sessions will be scheduled in and will usually take place via Zoom. This can be discussed further to suit you best.