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Simon Kane

Hi - I’m Simon! I am a Co-Active® trained Coach.

It takes time and conscious effort to live the life you want. Life can be busy. But that doesn’t mean we should get by day-to-day without taking stock to find out who we are and what we want to do. As your champion and Coach, we’ll work on what makes you happy together. I love nothing more than being creative and we will discover what’s important to you, with a sense of playfulness and imagination along the way.

  • I coach all areas of life (work/careers, lifestyle, relationships), with a holistic view that we can thrive when we work on our whole selves.
  • I work with all types of people who are looking to work towards an empowered future.
  • I have a particular interest in working with those in creative and entertainment industries, as well as those with creative mindsets.
  • I also work with small business owners, helping them to put their full selves into what they do.
  • I support clients to grow their confidence and become leaders throughout their daily lives.

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Together, We Create!

Don’t take my word for it…

“Talking to Simon feels nourishing. He manages to help me cut through my thoughts quickly so I can get real clarity about the things we are talking about. He’s got a great, warm personality, which makes me feel safe and happy to talk. I have seen real progress through our sessions. It is a joy to have a space to explore who I am and where I am going.”

“Simon has a wonderful approach and really makes me feel comfortable. It’s great to talk to someone outside of my family and friends who is able to support, motivate and encourage me in how I approach life. I’d never had life coaching before this and am now fully converted at how beneficial it can be. Simon is a professional, kind and inspiring coach!”

“Simon’s natural charisma & deep level of care makes his coaching sessions so engaging. The time he’s spent with me has been invaluable & it’s hugely impacted my life. It’s amazing how much he is able to extract & put into clear perspective.”

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